Saturday, January 2, 2010

Welcome 2010!

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope wherever you may find yourself in this adventure that we call life, that the start of a 2010 finds you well and energized to begin the next chapter of whatever life is going to throw at all of us. Exciting, isn't it?

2009 , like most years, was a learning experience. With many highs and lows. But, I'm glad to see it go. I feel good about 2010. Just looking ahead, this year will bring many milestones. April brings our wedding, which we're getting pretty excited about. April will also bring the birth of my second nephew, which is also very exciting. In addition, a number of friends will also welcome new additions to their families during early 2010. And of course I'm hoping to get my career back on track asap. And those are just the things I know about, I'm sure there are many surprises on the horizon. But, I know I'm going to live and love everyday, no matter what the year gives us. I wish everyone safe and happy travels through 2010. Enjoy the ride!

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