Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Las Vegas

BBH goes to Vegas 2010.

As we grow older it seems to get more and more difficult to organize trips, yet alone trips with our friends. So, it was a pleasant surprise when we managed to get a group of 11 friends together earlier in November during Veteran's Day weekend for a trip to Las Vegas. I've only been to Vegas once before, but I really enjoy the uniqueness of the place. Here's a few highlights of the trip. And yes we may have consumed a few adult beverages during the trip as some of these photos indicate.

To start the trip off right a few of the group gathered at our house for a little breakfast before our 10 am flight to Vegas.
There may have been a little something special about our OJ on this particular morning.

Since we had such a large group, we opted to rent a limo from the airport to the hotel. For this size of a group it didn't cost that much more than a shuttle. And even better was the fact that the limo driver was kind enough to take us by In and Out Burger to grab some lunch. So, we ended up eating burgers and fries with champagne in the limo. To be honest, champagne doesn't pair very well with burgers and fries.

After checking in at the New York, New York hotel we found some time to check out the city. The weather was great. Sunny and upper 60's.

One of my favorite parts of Vegas is that you can walk around the entire city with a drink in your hand. A constant reminder that you're on vacation.

Something about Vegas just makes you smile.

All you can eat crab legs!

We stopped by Ellis Island Brewery and Casino and enjoyed the $7.99 steak special which includes steak, potato, salad, side, and a 2o oz beer. A solid deal. And the steak was actually pretty good.

I'm not sure who does these ranking or how many breweries are in Nevada, but I have to say the beer was pretty good.

Now that I work in the beer industry, I'm required to do research on new breweries.

We also spent some time by the pool in the sun...and yes we are from Seattle.

The rest of trip involved eating a lot, dancing, a little gambling and just hanging out and checking out the sights with good friends. I won't bore you with the many blurry photos we have of all that. But, it was so much fun to be able to get a group of friends together for a weekend. As life speeds up, we all realize that the opportunity to do these types of things will become less and less.

Last photo before heading to the airport to go home.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Latest Morgan photos

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Well, since we felt like our lives were not busy enough with our standard day to day home, job, and social responsibilities and activities we decided to get a dog. So, last week we brought home a Brittany puppy. And we named her Morgan after the British car company...why after a British car company? Because Tonja wouldn't let me name her after a beer. You pick your battles. But, anyway we brought home Morgan and because we're glutants for punishment we also brought home her brother...Jensen. Yes, as in that other British car company. But, Jensen is actually my parent's new puppy. But, since they live in Spokane, we also had to take care of both of the puppies until last weekend when my parent's could make it over to pick up their new puppy.

Meet Morgan...

And Morgan's brother...Jensen

Anyway, every one know's how much work a puppy is. But, for three days we got to find out how much work two puppies are. Baptism by fire. But, other than the lack of sleep and constantly taking them outside to pee it wasn't too bad and we survived and even kind of got used to having two around. So, it was kind of sad to separate the two of them.

On the bright side, once Jensen went home with my parent's, taking care of one puppy felt darn right manageable...for a while at least. How about a few more puppy photos...because that's what people do...they take pictures of puppies and put them on the interwebs.

She's so cute. And then she wakes up.

She's grumpy after naps...Morgan...not Tonja.

Her first kill.

I think the biggest victim of all of this, might be my parent's other dog Samantha. So much for those quiet golden years for her. She gets to get chewed on by Jensen.

Anyways, I'm sure the adventures of Morgan will make for some interesting blog posts from time to time...which is probably good as I'm sure people are getting tired of hearing about me drinking beer or watching football...or drinking beer and carving pumpkins...

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