Thursday, January 21, 2010

50th Post and A Reason I Love Seattle

Yes, my 50th blog posting would have to feature beer.
And yes, I do see universes in my beer. See, I even took a photo of one for you.

Hmmm...this is my 5oth blog posting...cue the trumpets and confetti!

Does it feel like 50 posts? I didn't think I had this much hot air in me.

I must say I enjoy this whole blogging thing. I've always enjoyed writing. But, most of the writing I've done in the last few years has been work related. Every now and then I'd write something down in a journal, but it usually never made it past a few paragraphs and no one ever read it. So, it's nice to be able to ramble on about random things (in a relaxed grammatical style) that happen in life or interest me (if only me). Being this is the 50th post, it had to reference two things central to this blog and and Seattle.

In my last entry I mentioned dark beers for the dark and rainy season...well just to prove I'm not alone on this love, check out this great article from the Seattle Times.

It's about dark beers and places to find them, here in Seattle. I'm quite happy to report that we currently live within less than 15 minutes walking distance to at least 4 of the pubs mentioned in this article. Mecca for beer? Perhaps.


  1. "Beer is proof that God loves us,
    and wants us to be happy."
    - Benjamin Franklin


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