Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More iMovie Fun

So, I found myself with a few spare hours on a Tuesday afternoon and decided to spend some more time playing with iMovie. This is my second attempt. So, the results are in the clip below.

A few thoughts...

1)Obviously, my video is tongue and cheek. But it's kind of inspired by all those high production value clips from Top Gear. Yes, those clips feature exotic cars in exotic locations going really fast. And mine features a 1995 Honda Civic for the most parked in a public park. But, that's kind of the point. It's ironic or something.

2) I really enjoyed making this.

3) It must be extremely frustrating and difficult making movies that actually matter, and have plots and continuity and special effects. My clip is basically a bunch of random shots thrown together, but I found myself obsessing over every little detail as I tried to edit things together the way I wanted. But, between my lack of skill and technology and time, I ended up pretty much compromising on the whole thing. I don't know how the professionals do it in a timely manner. Much respect to them.

Anyway here it is...(click on those arrows in the lower right corner to go full screen)

This was longer than I intended, based on my lack of ability to edit music. My next project will be under two minutes...I promise.


  1. That's cool! Wanna do one on my GTO?

  2. That could be fun. Can you smoke the tires?

  3. Did Honda pay you for this? Seriously though, good work!!


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