Thursday, February 4, 2010

February Already?

Wow, it's February already. I guess I should post something.

We've been traveling the last couple of weekends. Last weekend, we (Tonja and I and our friends Tina and Jon) headed to Denver to visit some college friends (Doug & Eiko, Nate & Angie and Joe & Katie). Doug & Eiko and Nate & Angie just recently welcomed their first sons (Chris and Johnathan) to their families. (How about I throw a few more names into this paragraph?)

A fun trip for sure. It was great to see everybody and get to meet the little guys. It had been a year or two since we'd visited. I took some photos, but none of them were very good. So for photos, check out Doug and Eiko's blog. Group photo here.

And of course we found some time to sample some local brews at Wykoop Brewing Company. I very much enjoyed their St. Charles ESB and Patty's Chili beer. (yes, it tastes like Chilis, but it's not spicy)

Also, we ended up renting a car for the trip. Jon wisely convinced me to upgrade since we were going to be spending some time in freeway traffic. So, we ended up cruising around in a dark purple Cadillac CT-S, similar to this. It was rad. First time I'd driven a Cadillac.

Tonja and I also made a trip to Vancouver, BC a couple of weeks ago. I've started a blog post about that trip, but haven't finished it, yet. Maybe that means I'm trying to write too much if I can't finish a blog posting in a sitting. Oh well.

More later...

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  1. we're glad you were able to visit! it was like a big sleepover!


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