Monday, June 29, 2009

A Good Weekend

The weekend weather did prove to be hot around San Jose, but we managed to find some relief by heading to the coast for parts of Saturday and Sunday.

We spent Saturday morning taking a tour of the historic house and gardens at Filoli. Strange name for a place, but it is actually a very impressive country estate built around 1915 for William Bourn and family. It's now a historic site of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. It's located about halfway between San Jose and San Francisco.

Part of the formal Gardens

Front entry of the house

Pond and more gardens

And finally what country estate would be complete without a pool? At this point in the tour, the temperature was in mid 90's, so I was wondering what would happen if I "fell" into the pool.

Saturday afternoon we headed out to the coast to try and escape the heat. We found a nice spot of beach just off of highway 1 south of Half Moon Bay.

Tonja rocking her new hat.

A can of Oly freaked out by the sun.

Another full day, as we finally checked out the Monterey Bay Aquarium on Sunday morning. We've been down to Monterey a number of times since we've lived here, but hadn't been to the Aquarium. Lots of interesting animals from otters, to sharks to penguins. It's pretty impressive. The entry fee is a little steep and they have a pretty aggressive message of conservation, so it kind of puts you off eating seafood a little bit, but other than that, worth the visit.

Feeding Frenzy!

A Fish!

A Turtle!

After the Aquarium, we decided to take a drive down 17 Mile drive witch runs along the coast and past Pebble Beach Golf Course. Some pretty impressive views of the ocean and ridiculously large houses. This area of the coast was actually pretty windy and foggy. Unfortunately, our camera decided to stop working after the aquarium, so we didn't capture any photos of the drive, which probably okay, because I think I've exceeded the amount of photos any person would actually look at in a blog post. Anyway, it was a fun weekend out and about.

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