Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I just can't have a blog without talking about beer...

One thing I've always intended to set up once we finally settle into a more permanent living situation is a kegorator (as several friends have already done). This seems like it will be even more of a must if my friends and/or myself continue to produce homebrew. The idea of having one or two draft beers on tap at any time seems like a logical and sensible thing for any home. As I've seen more kegorators, the one draw back seems to be that you end up locked into one or two types of beers until you drain your kegs. Which isn't necessarily bad, but if living in California has taught me anything, it's that variety is the spice of life. Solution? Beer Fridge.

I've recently discovered the joys of a beer fridge. We were fortunate enough that our current apartment has a built in beverage fridge. Since we already had a wine fridge, I called dibbs on this as the designated beer fridge and with the help of BevMo haven't looked back since.

Now, when I say beer fridge, I'm not just talking about two or three kinds of beer. I'm talking about a beer collection. A place that holds a bounty of brews from domestics to micros to bottled home brew. A fridge with some staples ( in my fridge Oly and Racer 5 IPA) along with an ever changing rotation of seasonals and special anniversary brews. A fridge that takes you on an adventure every time you open the door...okay perhaps I'm over doing it. But you get the point, it's fun to be able to select your evening beer based on your mood, the weather or what you are having for dinner. So, needless to say I'm going to have plan on a beer fridge and a kegorator at some point in the future. Stay thirsty my friends...


  1. At the rate we drain those kegs, getting tired of the beer isn't really much of a problem.

  2. Exactly, but my last couple of hangovers from those kegs has taught me not to try and keep pace with you guys. It just hurts.


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