Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dirty Job

Every now and then during my time off, I've been helping out Tonja's cousin (Dave) with some projects. He runs a handyman/small scale remodel business. I've worked on a number of random jobs with him. Everything from bathroom remodels, to door installations to a little demolition work.  I actually enjoy the work as it been interesting learning some of the tricks of the trade. I'm sure these skill will come in handy in the future, especially if we end up buying a house. One of the most frequent jobs he needs help with is plumbing.

So, yesterday I gave him a hand on installing new copper pipe in a house that was having a bathroom remodel done. Sounds easy enough, except for the fact that all of the work has to be done in the crawl space underneath the house that is about 2' high. I've worked in two such crawl spaces since I've been helping out Dave and to be honest they are not quite as bad as I expected. Yes, it's narrow, there are cobwebs and lots of rocks and dirt, but so far I'm forutnate not to have run into any live spiders or dead rats, as based on stories I've heard, that is the worst. We met a plumber at Home Depoe who had three pretty narly scars on his arms from Brown Recluse spider bites. Needless to say I wear a jacket with long sleeves.

The most frusterating part of the experience is just not having much room to work. It's takes two or three time as long to do anything since you are laying on your back trying to cut or sodder things above your head. And it usually takes 10 minutes just to get in and out of the crawl space. But, I've learned a lot and feel pretty confident that I could tackle most plumbing jobs in any house we might own some day.

A few glamarous photos I took with my phone.

Yeah!...just enough clearance for a bucket.



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