Monday, June 22, 2009

Never a Dull Weekend and White Water Rafting

We've always known that our stay in the Bay area wouldn't be long term. As a result we've tried hard to see and experience as many of the sites and activities as possible around here. Although, this has made for some very busy weekends, we've done and seen some great stuff that we'll never forget.

This past weekend was no different as we spent Saturday enjoying the warm weather down in Santa Cruz. And on Sunday we took a highly anticipated white water rafting trip with some of Tonja's extended family.

The trip was 18 miles on the Middle Fork of the American River, which is located about 3 hours east of the Bay area. There was a variety of class III and IV (and V depending on who you ask) rapids. The highlight of the trip is called the Tunnel Chute, which was actually carved by a gold mining company many years ago as they were attempting to divert the river's flow. But, now makes for a memorable white water ride. I don't currently have pictures from our trip, but I found a pretty good video of what it is like. Needless to say it was a lot of fun to go through.

There is actually at least one class V rapid, some call it a Class VI called Ruck A Chucky Falls. However, due to liability, we were only allowed to watch our guide from shore, take our boat through the rapid. But, that was still entertaining to watch as our guide got stuck in an eddy for about 10 minutes. Although this is also not from our actual trip, here is a video of what the guides experience going through that.

A fun trip for sure.

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