Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Stanford Theater and The Marx Brothers

Last night, we headed up to Palo Alto to the historic Stanford Theater. On weeknights, they show classic old movies. The theater originally opened in 1925 and went through a full restoration in 1987. It's wonderful place to watch a movie. There is even an old school organ that rises out of the stage and is played before and after the movie.

The movie we saw was the Marx Brother's "A Night at the Opera" released in 1935. I'd never actually seen a Marx brothers movie. It was great. And considering it was 70+ years old, the humor was a lot more edgy and suggestive, than I would have expected. I'm sure part of the reason we found it so funny is because we were in a theater full of laughing people. But, none the less, the experience definitely peaked my interest in the Marx brothers and their work.

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