Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Marty McFly: "What, what, is it hot?"
Doc Brown: "No, it's cold, damn cold!"

Apparently, if you put a bottle of beer in the back of my beer fridge and it touches the back of the fridge it will freeze. As the above photo demonstrates. Thankfully, this was just a couple of bottles of my first batch of home brew that I'd made. That batch of homebrew didn't turn out too well, as some how I put too much sugar in the beer when I was priming for bottling. It turned out like more of a cider. I've been meaning to throw it out, but felt bad about it. So, basically in that photo you have cidery beer slushy. Errr...I didn't give it a try.


  1. Beer abuse!!! someone call BPS!!

  2. Fine, I'm guilty. As punishment I'll only drink PBR for the next two weeks.


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