Monday, August 3, 2009

Busy Week

The last week is a blur. In anticipation for our move back to Seattle at the end of August, I drove my car to Seattle last Tuesday and flew back on Sunday. I needed to go to Seattle anyway to try and track down an apartment or house for us to move into at the end of August. So, I figured I'd take my car to Seattle and park it, so we only had one car and a moving truck to take up to Seattle when we leave.

I drove from San Jose to Seattle in about 13 hours on Tuesday. I left at about 5:45 AM and arrived in Ballard just after 7:00 PM. Considering I was driving a 15 year old car and the temperature was in the 90's and 100's for much of the trip, I feel lucky to have made it without any type of mechanical problem. Although, my A/C was laboring to keep the car cool at the end. I've probably just jinxed myself, but I really must admit my little Honda has been good to me.

I wasn't quite as lucky on finding a place to rent. Although, it's a renters market right now, I couldn't quite find what we were looking for. Most of the places I looked at were already vacant and the landlords were looking to rent them sooner than the last week of August. So, in hindsight I probably should have done the trip a week or so later, but I didn't really want to make that drive twice in under a month. Oh well, I have a much better feel for the current Seattle rental market and I'm pretty confident we can get something secured before we get back to Seattle or very soon after we arrive.

It was good to spend a few days in Seattle despite the record setting heat.

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  1. I JUST found out you guys are moving back! Yay!! Looking forward to seeing you more often :)


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