Monday, July 20, 2009

Minor League Baseball: It's FANtastic!

Friday night we headed out to San Jose Municipal Stadium to watch the San Jose Giants take on the Modesto Nuts. Yep, the Modesto Nuts. Apparently, they grow a lot of peanuts and walnuts out in Modesto. If you couldn't tell, the Giants play in the California League (Single A affiliate of the SF Giants)

Everything about this game reminded me of why I love minor league sports, especially minor league baseball. The Giants do a very good job of presenting a fan friendly atmosphere with reasonably priced tickets, food and beer. Their stadium is older, but very intimate. Not a bad seat in the house. On this night tickets were buy one, get one free, so we got into the game for $7.50 each and were only five rows back from the field. I think that's the most entertainment for your buck of anyplace in Northern California.

We'd like to welcome the newest member of our family, a healthy seven pound plate of nachos.

Two words: Nacho Goodness

And now what I consider the best promotion in all of sports. The Giants have a promotion called the "Beer Batter of the Night". Basically, they designate a player on the opposing team as the "Beer Batter" If this player should strike out during the game, then all beer at the concessions stands is half price for 15 minutes after he strikes out. So, we're talking $2.50 beers, which is a great deal at a ball game. As you can imagine, people in the stands (including a ten year old sitting in the stands behind us, oh well) get pretty excited about this promotion. And you can tell the opposing player, get's pretty nervous about it. On this night, we got lucky and the beer batter struck out twice, which both times led to me running down the stairs to the concession stand line with a bunch of very happy middle aged men. Maybe it's the recession, but I've never stood in a line full of more excited and giddy people. Maybe half price beer is really the way to unite America. I'll have to remember that.

Strike One!

Strike Two!

Strike Three! And just like that, the rush to the concession stand is on.

Tonja enjoying her half price beer thanks to the "Beer Batter of the Night"#14 of the Modesto Nuts, right fielder Brian Rike. Thanks Brian, the fans of the San Jose Giants thank you for your two strike out effort.
Just to prove, we were actually watching the game and not just eating and drinking, here's a shot of the game. Final score, your San Jose Giants 17...Modesto Nuts 7. Great way to spend a Friday night in the summer.


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