Wednesday, June 23, 2010

End of an Era...

Well, I've been reluctant to make this posting, as I've been holding out hope that something might change. But, no such luck. I'm sad to say, Smithers has left the building. More specifically he left my parents house one morning a few weeks back and never returned home.

Cats are strange, so you never know what might of happened. And Smithers was strange for a cat. So, I hold out hope that he may of just decided to hit the road and see what else was out there for an aging slightly over weight cat who's only real talent was eating and climbing screen doors. Despite his advanced age and weight, he could still climb screen doors and window screens with the best of them.

In his early years he was a party-er and lived life hard. Maybe, a little too hard. He used to hit the catnip pretty regularly in college. Sometimes, it would cause him to run sideways. And he drank a lot of left over sugary cereal milk, too. I think that took it's toll on him later in life. He probably blew through his nine lives twice as fast as most cats. In his later years, he always seemed a little confused. Actually, he was confused in his early years, too. So, maybe that was just Smithers.

I don't know where he is now. But, wherever he may be, whether that is down the street, camped out at a neighbors house because he can't remember how to get home, or if he has retired to the giant kitty litter box in the sky, he'll be remembered fondly to many as the "college cat" or "that damn cat". But, to me he'll always be the Smiz. And nobody beats the Smiz. Play on Smithers, wherever you may be...


  1. AW!! Sad :( That poor cat deserved to live forever for the damage that was done to him during the BBH years. RIP Smithers


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