Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2010 Combine Derby-Lind, WA

Every year Lind, WA has a combine harvester demolition derby that also features hay truck races. I attended a few years ago with my parents and had a pretty good time. Since my family was attending it again this year, Tonja and I decided to drive out to Lind to take in the spectacle.

I figured the Cougs would have had better success at this sport. Oh well.

I really love the unprentiousness of this event. It is what it is. A bunch of folks who decided to race some trucks and demo derby some combine harvesters, simply for fun. Yeah, they're raising some money for the local Lion's club. But, the goal of this event is really just to kick back and have some fun. It's not a slick corporate event. As a result, it can be a little rough around the edges. There's an element of danger (even as a spectator). And it's definitely not green. But, it is a great time. I some what imagine this is what the hydroplane races used to feel like in Seattle back in the day. Much more organic. Less polished. Less coporate. Less crowded. More spontaneous.

Anyway, it's impossible to describe this event through words. It just doesn't really do it justice. So, I decided to splice together some video that I took. Please keep in mind that the video was shot with the video option on our digital point and shoot camera minus a tripod, so the quality varies a little bit. But, I think you'll get the jest of it. Enjoy. Click full screen for the best experience.


  1. Wow! Now that looks like good, clean fun!

    (You were there; I surmise there was beer.)

    Looks like an event I should be attending!

  2. Yep, they had a large beer garden. And you could enter and leave as you pleased, so you could also take a break and head out to your car or RV for some food and a cold one in the parking lot.

  3. awesome video matt! i like the truck with the flames on top. the combines are sweet too. how do people afford to destroy those machines?

  4. I've often wondered how they afford to smash those combines up, as they can't be cheap. But, they're definitely older models. And they appear to reuse many of the same ones each year.


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