Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Few Thoughts

A few observations after being back in Seattle for just shy of two weeks:

1) Apparently over the last two years of being in California, my wardrobe gained too much color. As I'm consistently wearing the brightest colored shirts in most public situations. Today, I'm wearing a red shirt.....I've yet to see another and it's almost 1:00.

2) Beer tastes better here. Maybe it's the water?

3) I'm not a tech guy, but you know that law (Moore's Law) which says something to the effect of that microprocessors will double their speed every 12 months or whatever. Well, somebody needs to write a similar law based on the number of coffee shops in Seattle. There was a crap load of them two years ago, but there seems to be a substantial amount more now. So, I'm guessing the number of coffee shops in Seattle doubles about every four years. Someone has to know the answer to this. And I'm not against this, but I'm curious how long it can be maintained.

4)Camping in the Northwest is still awesome...even in the rain.

5) The music is just soo good here. I missed it more than I realized.

6) Wow, it's nice to hang out with friends without getting on an airplane.

7) As of late, it seems like you have to get up early to see the sun. Is this new? Or had I forgotten?

8) My unmodified 1995 honda civic doesn't look out of place here.

9) I haven't seen a dog eat its own poop for two whole weeks. (sorry, but it's true)

10) And finally, speaking of dogs, I just watched someone order a grande, soy, no foam, decaf latte for their golden retriever.

It's great to be home.

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  1. I just bought a bright red "Manchester United" shirt. I'll wear it with you and we can be outcasts together :)


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