Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2011...Not the year of the blog.

It's clear that 2011 has not been a blogging year for me. Why? Many a reason. Too busy. Bored with writing. I can only post so many dog pictures. Writer's block. I can only post so many pictures of beer or me drinking beer or me looking hungover from beer. My posts aren't as funny as they are in my head. I've been self censoring myself. The Blogger interface is terrible. I can only be so irrelevant for so long. I was crushed when my one follower outside the state of WA stopped following me.  I spend too much time on computers as it is....blah blah blah blah...

But, like an old family photo album that's been sitting in the bottom of a closet that the cat's been peeing in, I decided to blow the dust off this blog, despite the smell. I spent a little time going through past posts and have decided I think it's worth attempting to maintain this blog in some shape or form. It's fun to look back on. Some posts are interesting to me. Some posts make me laugh. Some posts make me cringe. Some posts I don't understand. But, it's probably good to blow the combwebs out of the part of my brain that hurts when I blog, write or attempt humor. As it's one of the few non-work related creative outlets I have. And I've felt a little like a blob of non-creative goo as of late...

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