Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Well, since we felt like our lives were not busy enough with our standard day to day home, job, and social responsibilities and activities we decided to get a dog. So, last week we brought home a Brittany puppy. And we named her Morgan after the British car company...why after a British car company? Because Tonja wouldn't let me name her after a beer. You pick your battles. But, anyway we brought home Morgan and because we're glutants for punishment we also brought home her brother...Jensen. Yes, as in that other British car company. But, Jensen is actually my parent's new puppy. But, since they live in Spokane, we also had to take care of both of the puppies until last weekend when my parent's could make it over to pick up their new puppy.

Meet Morgan...

And Morgan's brother...Jensen

Anyway, every one know's how much work a puppy is. But, for three days we got to find out how much work two puppies are. Baptism by fire. But, other than the lack of sleep and constantly taking them outside to pee it wasn't too bad and we survived and even kind of got used to having two around. So, it was kind of sad to separate the two of them.

On the bright side, once Jensen went home with my parent's, taking care of one puppy felt darn right manageable...for a while at least. How about a few more puppy photos...because that's what people do...they take pictures of puppies and put them on the interwebs.

She's so cute. And then she wakes up.

She's grumpy after naps...Morgan...not Tonja.

Her first kill.

I think the biggest victim of all of this, might be my parent's other dog Samantha. So much for those quiet golden years for her. She gets to get chewed on by Jensen.

Anyways, I'm sure the adventures of Morgan will make for some interesting blog posts from time to time...which is probably good as I'm sure people are getting tired of hearing about me drinking beer or watching football...or drinking beer and carving pumpkins...


  1. missed you guys at the pumpkin carving party...

  2. So glad someone else named their dog after a car. Well, we named ours after Richard Hammond...but he's practically a car. And British! Looks like Jon's the only one not keepin' it in the 'family.' LOL! She's adorable :)

  3. Bob...I know. We planned to be there and were bummed we couldn't make it. We had a bit of a puppy melt down that night.

    She's definitely cute...but I guess that's why we put up with the craziness that she bring's into our lives. :)


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