Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Collected Wedding Thoughts (sort of)

Okay, it's been almost 3 weeks, and life has calmed down considerably since the wedding. We're finishing up thank you cards and reorganizing our house. As the weather continues to warm up, life feels good. I feel very lucky.

So I could probably write a million thoughts about the wedding, some interesting, some funny, some emotional and some just random. I prefer here you go.

*As previously mentioned, The wedding was everything we could have asked for. It was simply an over powering experience to have so many of our friends and family in one room with us to celebrate such a special day. Just being able to get all those people together made all the planning and stress worth it. It's not easy to travel for weddings, so it was wonderful that so many of our out of town friends and family could make it.

*The hard part about having all those family and friends together in one room was the fact it was impossible to spend enough time with any of them, especially those who we don't see on a regular basis. But, we did enjoy the time that we had with everyone.

*I've put on enough events to know that there really is no such thing as a perfect event. Things happen, you just hope they are small and most people don't notice. But, on the plus side they usually make a great story afterward. And our day definitely had it's share of quirks. From our cake topper making a nose dive from the top of the cheesecake to the cement floor to some music issues...things happened. But, as most people will tell you, none of it really mattered. Because, it was really about celebrating what Tonja and I have together and the people who helped us get here. And all those little things just become part of the story of our day.

*The Toasts. I have to say I was very moved by the toasts. Funny, insightful and reflective. Thanks to the bridal party.

*I've heard this from other couples. It's funny how we barely noticed some parts of the event that we stressed over so much. I'm still not really sure what our food presentation looked like, as I was light headed the one time I went through the food line. And I never had a chance to go outside and check out the woodfire pizza oven. The food that I had was good, but definitely would have liked to have eaten some more. As a result, I now know why it's so important to have a good photographer to capture all the things that we missed while we were being nervous, excited and relieved. So, we're very much looking forward to getting the professional photos back.

* In the end, the stress and resources that it took to put the wedding together were totally worth it. I'll be honest, there were definitely times in the planning process when I thought it sure would be a lot easier to run away for a weekend and just get married. But, as everything came together and we stood in front of our friends and family, it was totally worth it. In my entire life, I have never had such a day where I experienced such a wide range of amazingly powerful emotions. It ran the entire spectrum. And I really wouldn't trade that experience for anything.

* Life is good. Lets see what's next.

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