Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nonsensical Mundane Posting

Have a cup of coffee first...then you can read this post.

I feel like I should be blogging more often, especially since I have some free time. But, to be honest there hasn't been much going on. At least nothing I consider entertaining or interesting enough to blog about. ( I don't want to bore people who are kind enough to take the time to read this) But, I gotta write about something. So, here's a cliche and mundane post.

The last two weekends we spent in Spokane. So nothing terribly exciting to report about our last couple of weekends. Not that seeing family isn't exciting. But the circumstances aren't great.

Well, on our way home last Sunday, we did have to take a 50 mile detour off of I-90 between Ritzville and Moses Lake due to a dust storm. Which was kind of strange. Because when the hell did Moses Lake start having dust storms? But, noting really surprises me any more.

So, with no crazy weekend adventures, this leaves my weekedays. But my unemployed weekdays are currently dry as toast. Looking something like this.

Stumble out of bed just in time to see Tonja go to work

Eat breakfast, read the news....curse the news. Shower.

Job Search (& Rescue)

In this economy, I'm not just considering this a "job search". Due to the record number of lost jobs out there, I'm conducting a "job Search & rescue". I'm going to find one of those millions of lost jobs that we constantly hear about in the media. I'm going to rescue it and I'm going to bring it home and give it some warm milk and keep it as my own job. (I guess one could debate that finding a job actually rescues the job seeker, but I'm going to stick with my idea of rescuing a job, as it makes me feel more in control)

Currently, the "job search & rescue" involves any combination of internet searches, e-mailing, sending resumes, or calling former coworkers about current jobs or potential future jobs. Or contacting companies that at one point used to have jobs and may again have jobs in the future, but currently don't have jobs. However, they are happy to take my resume and burn it, shred it, line a catbox with it, or generally make it disappear into that void that all unsolicited resumes go into, especially in this economy. But fear not, I will find and rescue a job for myself. It will work out for both me and the lost job. Although, one of us may need therapy before it is all said and done.

Come on, lets form a posse, light some torches and go rescue some of those lost jobs...

12:30PM: Lunch

1:00 Pm: Consider drinking a beer.

1:05 PM: Don't drink a beer, but opt for another cup of coffee. (Coffee is an upper)

There is a reason I don't keep any of this close at hand.

1:30 PM: Waste an hour on the internet.

2:30 PM-5:30 PM: My afternoons are usually pretty open, they can involve leaving the house in an attempt to network with people in various networking groups, which may or not provide much networking help. Hence, I've concluded that networking with a bunch of unemployed people isn't necessarily the best type of networking. Only problem being, is that it's difficult networking with employed people, because for some reason they are always busy with their jobs. Go figure.

Other afternoon projects have included, unpacking the basement (yes, still unpacking over a month later), winterizing our house (applying that shrink fit film to our single pane windows, which is strangely exhilarating), brewing beer (just on Mondays, I mostly watch), exercising (okay, this isn't happening a lot), contemplating the meaning of life (happens a lot), or if in doubt posting a non sensical blog posting....

Hours of fun. Who knew?

I think 2009 has been my least productive year, of those lost jobs just ran past the window....I'm on it!


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